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BlendConf 2014 Discount Code

In September I will be presenting a talk at BlendConf 2014 in Charlotte, North Carolina! I have never been there, so it will be quite the vacation for me. I'm super excited and humbled to be chosen to … [Read More...]


Help Me Design My Home Office

Help. I can't stand it anymore and now that I am starting a new full-time job, I will have even less time to sit around and brainstorm ideas on how to fit my creative world into a small second bedroom of our condo in Brooklyn. We've lived in this space for … [Read More...]

Oh My Zsh and Mountain Lion

Quick post on something I noticed when I upgraded to Mountain Lion this evening. When I started up my shell I got this error: [crayon-5599d1d0393e1624936739/] I thought maybe I had to reinstall git on my MacBook Air, but after a quick Google I found this … [Read More...]

Problems Sending/Receiving Messages with iMessage

I generally love my iPhone and my life has forever changed since being introduced to the device when it first grace the world with its appearance. That being said, there are a few things that piss me off about a near-perfect smart phone. One if them is that … [Read More...]