Customer Care in the Digital Age

A couple of days ago I posted this on Twitter: Aetna has sent us 6 benefits cards in the past 3 days. Whyyy? — Rachel Ober (@rachelober) January 22, 2012 It was really weird and awkward whenever my husband then texted me later and said, “Aetna called, they saw your Twitter post and want you […]

1 Year Checkup

I was hoping to make a post about Izzie and how much she has grown in the short time I’ve had her and come back from the vet with a clean bill of health, but unfortunately not! I got Isabella from her breeder last June, so now Izzie and I have been best buds for […]

“Cranialsacral Therapy” or “Why I’m Falling Behind”

Hello dear readers. It’s not news to you if you’ve been following the game along at home – but, I’ve been seriously lagging behind! I have almost half a dozen “draft” entries here in WordPress but I haven’t been able to finish any of them due to the massive migraine I’d been babying the past […]