Customer Care in the Digital Age

A couple of days ago I posted this on Twitter:

It was really weird and awkward whenever my husband then texted me later and said, “Aetna called, they saw your Twitter post and want you to call them back.”

Initially I thought to myself, “Uh oh, they must be pissed I said something? What did I say?? Am I going to get sued?”

When I got back in contact with them, a friendly lady answered and said that Aetna had noticed my Tweet, researched why I had received so many ID cards and wanted to let me know why.

Isn’t that freaking cool that companies out there are actively looking at their customers feedback and want to help you versus just trying to shut you up? Kudos, Aetna!

I Donated Blood and All I Got Was This Crappy Hospital Bill

The New York City Blood Center keeps calling me every morning. I’m at work so all I see is that I have a missed call on my home phone, they don’t even leave a message.

I’ve only donated blood once so far in my life. The other time I tried to, I was deferred since I’d been to a tropical country and I could have contracted malaria. Now that I’ve donated blood and found to have the universal donor type (O-Negative,) they want more of me!

I’m glad to help, really, but let me explain about what happened the first (and last) time I donated blood.

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1 Year Checkup

I was hoping to make a post about Izzie and how much she has grown in the short time I’ve had her and come back from the vet with a clean bill of health, but unfortunately not!

I got Isabella from her breeder last June, so now Izzie and I have been best buds for more than a year now. She was due for her yearly checkup and rabies and parvo yearly vaccinations. I had told the vet that she has been bitten by a lot of ticks since we moved into our apartment and that I wanted the Lyme disease test done on her just in case.

The test he did checked for four tick borne diseases (ehrlichiosis, babesiosis, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever and Lyme Disease.) After a few minutes (the test was to take at least 10) he already started to see in the test that it was coming up positive for anti-bodies responding to a A. phagocytophilum infection (part of the ehrlichiosis test.)

This bacteria causes lethargy and joint pain in the dog. Luckily, Izzie hasn’t shown any of those symptoms yet, but the vet said that if left untreated should could be put in a lot of pain over the years. Why do that to my best friend? The next step was either to watch and wait, do more blood work to see if it is indeed a large infection ($200-$300) or hit her with the antibiotics anyway ($30.) I think you already know which one I chose. I am not sure why my vet would even suggest more costly blood work when a simple, cheap, antibiotic will clear it right up. :-p

So, I throw in 1 1/2 pills into some peanut butter once a day for her and I’ll have to do it for a month. Hopefully, she’ll be A-OK. But now what am I supposed to do about the crazy amount of ticks around my apartment? I talked to some of the other dog owners in the apartment complex and they have all been complaining about the amount of ticks around. We all use a flea and tick treatment on our dogs but we still see them. One lady called up the manufacturer and complained and they responded that the treatment is 99.99% effective. If the dog is getting ticks it means that you have an INFESTATION of ticks in your complex. UGH.

I think I am going to have to formally complain to the management today and see that they spray around the entire complex and not just around your own apartment. Apparently they only spray bug killer if you request and only around your apartment not the whole complex. Too bad for us owners that walk our dogs all over the place! :-(

“Cranialsacral Therapy” or “Why I’m Falling Behind”

Hello dear readers. It’s not news to you if you’ve been following the game along at home – but, I’ve been seriously lagging behind!

I have almost half a dozen “draft” entries here in WordPress but I haven’t been able to finish any of them due to the massive migraine I’d been babying the past week. Well, you should be happy to know that I have since been cured and can now enter in this entry before I can continue on with my “Females in Tech” series.

I’ve suffered with migraines and neck pain and Temporomandibular joint disorder syndrome for the better part of my adult life. It wasn’t until I met my (get ready for it) father’s college buddy’s wife who is a physical therapist that I started to feel noticeable and immense relief of my chronic pain.

She practices a therapy called Cranialsacral Therapy. Now, I’ll preface what I say with this warning, yes, I am aware that some people are of the opinion that the therapy and especially the developer of this therapy is crackpot. However, I can’t deny that this therapy and Linda Hanson have changed my life.

If you take a look at the therapy’s Wikipedia entry, first you’ll note that the article’s neutrality is disputed. But you can get an idea about what the therapy is said to do. Now, I’m not a physical therapist, nor will I ever try to pretend I know enough about the body to be an expert, but I think the therapy most likely works well because it basically gives the body’s fascia and muscles a chance to rest and “reset” themselves. My PT does not use a lot of pressure on my body at all but I noticed immediately after my first session that I was “one-thousand” times better than before I first laid on the therapy table and my body has since felt so much better after repeated sessions.

So, like I mentioned above, I had been experiencing a massive migraine since at least Thursday and I went last night to see Linda. She literally just touched my forehead and could feel how much tension I had been keeping. I hadn’t noticed, but it was difficult for me to even nod my head down because the muscles on the back of my neck and brain-stem area were so tight! It took a good hour, but by taking over the work of the muscles, Linda was finally able to get that area of the head to RELAX and my migraine was just about gone. You know you have a good session when the area right underneath your head, where your skull and spine sort of “meet,” is all mushy and relaxed. :-)

Anyway, that is my story of success for this week. I hope I can keep my head more relaxed enough to keep up with my work at my job and my writing in this blog. 😉